Cold shower or hot shower which one is better for you

Cold shower or hot shower which one is better for you

Taking shower is an essential part of our personal hygiene routine. It is the best way to remove the dirt and dead cells from the skin. However, many people don’t know that showering actually has enormous health benefits. The most tricky part of showering is to pick the right temperature of the shower. Some people prefer hot shower but some people like a cold shower. Each kind of shower offers different kinds of health benefits. Every individual has different requirements when it comes to personal hygiene. So, it is important that you understand the different effects of the hot and cold shower. Only then you can make the right showering decision. (Also read: Should you drink water before going to the bed)

What are the health benefits of the hot shower?
When we use the term hot shower then it is important to understand that water temperature should be healthy for the skin. Excessive hot temperature can harm the skin in the worst possible manner.

Relaxes the muscles
The hot shower is the ultimate relief you need when you have been through a rough day. The hot shower relaxes the muscles and provides the much need relief. (Also read: Five food items that you should never reheat)

Lowers the body tension
We all go through tough times and as a result, we suffer from body tension. The hot shower helps to aid your stiff neck and shoulders. It lower downs the body tension and provides the much-needed relaxation.

Helps with the common cold
A really interesting fact about the hot shower is that it is a natural decongestant, that means it helps to get rid of the stuffy nose. Not only that the hot shower helps to keep the nasal passages clear and healthy. A hot shower is really a miracle worker in case of the common cold.

What are the health benefits of the cold shower?
Sometimes a cold shower is the only kick start you need for the day. The cold showers are so popular that people prefer them even in the cold weather.

Keeps you active the whole day
A cold shower snaps you out of the sleepy state of mind. It brings your mind back to the reality and makes you ready for another productive day. The shock of the cold splash of water makes the body jumps into action as the body reacts to the cold shower is an alert way.

It is great for your immunity and blood circulation
The cold shower improves the blood circulation as it makes the blood to envelop your organs. As a result, it helps your skin and heart. The shock of the cold water makes the arteries to pump the blood effectively. As a result, it improves the circulation and immunity of the body.

Helps to keep your skin health
The hot water tends to have a negative effect on the skin as it makes it dry. To maintain a healthy skin, the cold shower help is the best possible help. (Also read: Why should you never fall asleep right after dinner)

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