How does coffee help you to poop daily

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How does coffee help you to poop daily

The love for coffee is unmatchable. People drink coffee to feel fresh and boost their energy in order to carry out their work. However, it is quite surprising that coffee helps our body to improve it’s bowel movement. We all know that sipping coffee helps to stimulate the functioning of the brain and also helps to remain awake. However, there is one thing about coffee which not many of us know, which is, coffee helps us to poop. So, if you feel like pooping after drinking your morning coffee, that is completely alright. Coffee contains caffeine which is diuretic in nature and helps to pee most of the times. Let’s discuss in detail about how coffee helps us to poop. (Also read: What are the various pooping habits one must know about )

How does coffee help you to poop daily?

Acidic in nature: Coffee is acidic in nature which helps to increase the production of bile in the body. This bile is released by the gallbladder and goes into the intestine which might result in causing diarrhoea as well, says a study.

Laxative in nature: Coffee is laxative in nature which helps in the proper bowel movement. Eventually, it helps to promote the digestion and poop better. Sipping more than two cups of coffee might result in diarrhoea as well, says a study. (Also read: What are the various food items that help to have better poop)

Keep the colon clean: Coffee releases the gastrin hormone which may cause bloating and diarrhoea. Gastrin hormone regulates the activity in the colon and due to the laxative property of coffee, it often leads to pooping.

Besides the above-mentioned points, coffee leads to increase the contractions in the gut. It thus releases a lot of hormones and acids in the stomach that leads to the proper bowel movement and push the poop down. However, it is not just coffee but other ingredients too that mix up with it to help us poop. Dairy products, artificial sweeteners, additive flavours etc. also helps in regulation of proper bowel movement. They contain lactose which leads to pooping or maybe diarrhoea at times. (Also read: Simple tricks to wake up early in the morning)

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