Clove for digestion: How to use cloves for digestion and stomach related problems

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How to use cloves for digestion and stomach related problems

Using cloves for digestion and stomach related problems

Cloves are very beneficial for health. It contains many nutrients which are beneficial for digestion. Cloves contain many nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamin c, calcium, proteins, carbohydrate, fibre, which are beneficial to the body. The nutrients present in cloves help to cure indigestion and also help to fix problems related to stomach. Because of antibacterial, antiseptic properties in cloves, it helps to improve digestion. Cloves are also beneficial for removal of stomach problems such as vomiting, gas, and burning. Using cloves in some ways, problems related to digestion and stomach can be cured. So let’s tell you how cloves use remedies related to digestion and stomach problems. (Also read: Acne on skin: How to use clove oil to get rid of acne from the skin)

Various ways in which you can use clove for digestion

  • Clove tea
  • Cloves
  • Clove Essential Oil
  • Clove infusion

1) Clove Tea

Using clove for better digestion

Clove tea: Clove tea is beneficial for digestion and stomach.

Cloves help improve digestion and helps in better functioning of the digestive tract. Also, it helps to remove the stench of the mouth by increasing blood flow. Clove tea improves the digestive system by attacking bacteria. To make this, first, grind cloves and boil it in a cup of water. Drink this tea in the morning and evening.

2) Cloves

For better functioning of digestion, it is important to increase the production of saliva. For this, you have to chew cloves. If you do not like the taste, then you can eat cloves in your meal or sweet form.

3) Clove essential oil

Clove Essential Oil can be combined with olive oil. Keep these two together for a few weeks. During the vomiting and burning problem, drop 3 drops of Clove Essential Oil in water and drink it.

4) Clove Infusion

Clove Infusion is beneficial to stimulate digestion and to remove constipation problem. It can also be used as clove tea, just use the whole clove instead of clove powder in it.

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Use of cloves is beneficial for both digestion and stomach related problems. But do not use it much. Read this article in Hindi.



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