Clay Pot Cooking: What are the benefits of eating the food cooked in clay pot

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benefits of cooking food in clay pot

Cooking food in clay pot or Earthen pot helps to maintain the nutritional value of the food(PC:

Clay Pot Cooking: In order to stay fit and healthy, we do a lot of efforts. We choose our food wisely. What we have to eat and when do we have to eat along with doing regular exercise etc. are some of the things we constantly worry about. But did you ever turn towards your kitchen and located the utensils in which you cook the food? Are the utensils you are using, safe for your health? When we selectively choose the right food for us, then why don’t we choose the utensils? Cooking in clay pot is extremely beneficial for health. It is extremely tasty and healthy. Let’s discuss why cooking food in clay pot is beneficial for health. (Also read: Why it is beneficial to drink water from copper vessels)

Benefits of cooking food in the clay pot

  • Tasty food
  • Minerals and vitamins
  • Food loaded with nutrients
  • Reheating the food is not required

Tasty food

Earthen pot or clay pot helps to make the food tastier.

The food which is cooked in the clay pot is tastier than the food cooked in other utensils. The food cooked in the clay pot contains the smell of the clay. It even has the taste or the flavour of the clay. Even the heat remains absorbed in the clay pot and the food is cooked properly.

Minerals and vitamins
Cooking food in the earthen pot helps to enrich the food with essential calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium. sulphur etc. It increases the nutritional count of the food.

Food loaded with nutrients

Earthen pot helps to make the food healthy and highly nutritional.

The food is cooked slowly in the earthen pots which helps to maintain the nutritional value of the food. However, cooking food in any other utensil snatches away the potential nutrients of the food itself. (Also read: Ways to reheat food and retain freshness)

Reheating the food is not required
When we heat the food, again and again, it reduces the nutritional value of the food. Thus, the food does not remain healthy. Besides this, certain food products become harmful when they are heated again. Cooking food in the Earthen pots keep the food warm for a longer time and thus there is no need to reheat it.

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These are some of the health benefits of cooking food in Earthen pot or clay pot. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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