Why You Should Replace Your Plastic Comb With The Wooden One

Why You Should Change Your Plastic Comb With The Wooden One

Do you use a wooden comb? Do you ever consider using one? The majority does not. We all mostly use a plastic comb because they are widely available and affordable. No matter, it is a normal comb or brush, plastic materials are everywhere and we buy them without giving a second thought. But unfortunately, what we all are doing wrong. Plastic combs are harmful and the right choice is to go for the wooden combs. Surprised? You will be more if you have a look at the following and know about the benefits of using wooden combs. (Also Read: What Are The Surprising Benefits Of Getting A Body Massage)

Reduces dandruff:
Dandruff is nothing but an after effect of using hair products and having a dry patchy scalp. Using plastic combs can boost the dryness of the scalp and maximise dandruff. But if you use a wooden comb it would not prevent the dryness of your scalp but it can spread the oil all over to your scalp.

Boost the blood circulation on your scalp:
If you start using wooden combs, your blood circulation will get a boost. To understand this you have to use wooden comb once. It is so smooth on the hair and scalp, you feel to use it more. The more you brush your hair with the comb, the circulation improves. So, use it more often. It is even recommended to use before bed for better sleep and health. (Also Read: How To Get Vitamin D Without Exposing To Sun)

Prevents hair fall:
Why You Should Change Your Plastic Comb With The Wooden One
Have you ever thought that your hair fall is happening because of using the wrong comb? Maybe! We all use a lot of hair product like oils, shampoo, masks etc. But we hardly think about changing our combs. The wooden comb can help you to open the tangles easily that is why it helps to prevent hair loss.

Accelerate hair growth:
This can be your most favourite benefit of using a wooden comb. It boosts hair growth. When you brush your hair with it, better circulation happens. So, eventually, it spreads more natural scalp oils around the hair. With proper circulation and boosting of the glands and hair follicles below the scalp, hair grows out thicker and longer.

Adds shine to your hair:
Brushing your hair with wooden comb can make them appear shiny. There are enough natural oils in your scalp present. Wooden comb helps to distribute those natural oils all over your scalp. Hence, your hair doesn’t look dull, limp, dry. But if you use a plastic comb, it can make your scalp dry and soak the oil. (Also Read: What Are The Surprising Benefits Of Chewing Gums)

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