What are the causes of malnutrition in the body

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What are the causes of malnutrition in the body

Malnutrition is a state of health in which the person’s body lacks proper nourishment. Due to the lack of availability of well-nourished food, the people are either consuming insufficient nutrition or consuming in an imbalanced proportion. There are many causes of malnutrition and we must try to find them out. Lack of a balnaced diet is one of them. It eventually harms the body of an individual, affecting the organs of their body in the worst way possible. It either makes them too lean or results in an inappropriate development of their body parts. Not just this, it even makes a person a prey of many health conditions like rickets, organ failure, lack of growth physically and mentally. There are many causes of malnutrition which needs to be addressed without any delay. (Also read: How to avoid the contamination of the dairy products)

What are the causes of malnutrition in the body?

Consuming an unbalanced diet: The lack of proper nutrients and minerals in the body lead to the malnourished state of a person. The lack of proper proteins, carbohydrates, fats etc. often make the person malnourished. It could either be because of poverty or may be due to negligence. Our body needs the right amount of nourishment and thus we must take an adequate amount of the required nutrients.

Skipping diet: A person must consume 4- 5 meals in a day, which includes 3 heavy meals. Skipping on breakfast, lunch or dinner result in starving the body. Not just this, it also leads to insufficient supply of minerals and vitamins to the body. Thus, one should never skip meals and eat healthy. (Also read: What signs suggest that you need to change your diet)

Unhealthy environment: We all know that environmental condition dictates our health. If we live at an unhygienic place, we often tend to fall ill. Lack of healthy environment, sunlight, cleanliness around the environment etc. hampers the proper supply of nutrition to the children.

Ignorance of diseases: Many children suffer from some grave diseases. Various infections, body problems and diseases often require a well-nourished diet. However, we do not pay attention towards the need for the child and it results in making them malnourished.

No physical workout: Many children and grown-ups remain confined to their home or rooms. It eventually makes them weak and stops the process of their development. Our body needs proper physical workout on daily basis. Besides this, the process of digestion also gets disturbed which eventually make them weak. Thus, we should encourage our children to go out and play. (Also read: Which food items are the best sources of antioxidants)

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