Causes of Kidney Stones: What are the causes of kidney stones

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Kidney stones: There are many factors responsible for the formation of stone sin the kidney.

Causes of Kidney Stones: The accumulation of minerals and salts in the kidney leads to kidney stones. Kidney stones can be as little as a sand particle which might come out of the body through urine. But if the kidney stones are large in size, they lead to a lot of problems in the body. These stones block the path of the urine which creates problems in the urine passage. There are many causes behind the onset of kidney stones. Your diet, family history, medication etc. might be the reason for kidney stones. Let’s discuss the causes of kidney stones in real. (Also read: Which herbs help to clean kidneys)

What are the various causes of having kidney stones?

  • Not drinking enough water
  • Your diet
  • Obesity
  • Medication
  • Problem in intestines

Not drinking enough water

Causes of kidney stones
If you don’t drink water in a sufficient amount, it might lead to kidney stones.

It is essential to dilute the toxins in order to make them thin enough to flush out of the body. Thus, one must drink water in a good amount. If you don’t drink water, the minerals get accumulated in the kidney and form kidney. Thus, on an average, a person must drink 8-10 glasses of water.

Your diet

causes of stone formation in kidney
Your diet might lead to stones in your kidney.

Whatever you eat might affect your kidney. Usually, calcium and oxalate get together and forms kidney. Oxalate is a chemical which is present in food items like spinach, rye etc. Thus, one must limit the consumption of oxalate, sodium, animal protein etc.

Those who are obese often face the problem of kidney stones. If the Body Mass Index of your body is above 30, then you are obese. Thus, keep your body weight in proper check.

Some medicines like antibiotics, HIV drugs, high blood pressure medicines lead to the formation of kidney stones.

Problem in intestines
Sometimes, the problem in the intestines like inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhoea etc. increase the possibility of stone formation in the kidney. Because of diarrhoea, we urinate less and the oxalate accumulates in the kidney. This makes stones in the kidney.

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These are some of the most common causes for the formation of kidney stones. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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