What Are The Causes Of Hot Flashes Except Menopause

What Are The Causes Of Hot Flashes Except Menopause

Hot flashes are extremely annoying. They appear at the most unexpected times, even in winters too. It makes the heart beat faster and the facial skin becomes red. People generally ignore the hot flash as they think that it is nothing but just the increment of the body temperature. Hot flashes mostly occur when a woman is struggling with menopause symptoms. But other than that, there are a lot more reasons which provoke these hot flashes to come out. Do you know about these causes? If not then have a look at the following. (Also Read: Which Foods Turn Toxic When They Are Cooked)

Prescribed medicines:
There are many medicines that show a reaction in our body by showing some symptoms like hot flashes. Some drugs used in opioids, antidepressants and osteoporosis react the same way. It mostly happens when people change their drugs or start taking such medicines for the first time. If this happens to you too, talk to your doctor and ask him to change your drugs which have no side effects.

Food allergies:
You must agree that when you eat something very spicy, you get hot flashes and start feeling excessively hot. But, do you think that you might have any food allergies? If you do not know about the food allergies you have, after eating those foods, you also start getting hot flashes. It is the most common symptom of having food allergies. (Also Read: How Does Ageing Affect Our Body)

When you suddenly get the anxiety attack, you get hot flashes. Stress, anger, anxiety, fear, or worry bring hot flashed on our face and body. These emotions make your heart beat faster and as a result, you get hot flashes. If this happens to you, keep reminding yourself to breathe normally not fast. Keep doing deep inhaling and exhaling exercises.

Thyroid issues:
Whenever you face any medical problem related to your hormones or endocrine system. these may lead to show you hot flashes. Actually, thyroid issues can make you feel warm as your hormonal secretion becomes disturbed. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Say That Your Body Wants More Fibre)

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