What are the causes of bad breath while you wake up in the morning

What are the causes of bad breath while you wake up in the morning

Most of us get up being clumsy in the morning. Foul smell and bad breath from the mouth is one of the most common problems of the people. If you are sharing a bed with someone, then the embarrassment is more severe. How can you imagine a morning kiss with such a bad breath from your mouth and your partner’s mouth as well? Though it is a natural process, you should still try to figure out the reasons for bad breath from the mouth. Some people have poor dental health for which they have a continuous foul smell from their breath. However, some people experience it once in a while. But a bad breath in the morning is a problem which almost everyone undergoes with. (Also read: What are the major causes of bad breath)

What are the causes of bad breath while you wake up in the morning?

A decline in saliva: The bacteria in the mouth usually cause bad breath. These bacteria are however responsible for the process of digestion. During the daytime, our mouth is in constant movement whether chewing, gulping, talking, drinking etc. which ensures production of salvia and washing off bacteria from the mouth. However, while we are asleep, the bacteria in the mouth multiplies as there is less or no production of saliva. It causes the dryness of mouth. Therefore the bacteria in the mouth becomes active by eating the food particles of the mouth.

Production of bacteria in mouth: While we are asleep the mouth turns dry. Thus the bacteria in the mouth also multiplies. Hence, there is a rapid production of sulphur compounds in the mouth and is quite stinking in the smell. Besides this, the bacteria rely upon the food in the mouth and extract proteins, amino acid and other things from the leftover food in teeth and gums. It leads to the foul smell of mouth. (Also read: What Are The Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Breath)

Your sleeping position: The way you sleep also determines the smell from the mouth while you wake up in the morning. If you tend to breathe through the mouth, you usually have the higher possibility of foul smell. Snoring and sleeping with open mouth leads to dryness of mouth and often results in more bacteria in the mouth. The saliva in the mouth is capable of fighting bacteria and protecting the mouth from foul smell. The moment the production of saliva declines the possibility of foul smell increases.

Suggests health issues: If your body is undergoing any kind of health issue, you will be indicated primarily through the bad breath of mouth. This is because the increased bacteria production in mouth mingles up with the bloodstream and affects the pars of the body. Problems like heart stroke, overstress, diabetes etc.are common while you suffer from bad breath.

Besides these above-mentioned points, excessive smoking, medications and obesity are too some of the causes of foul smell from mouth. One should brush their teeth properly in order to give up and reduce the intensity fo foul smell.(Also read: How To Get Rid Of Alcohol Breathing By Using Home Remedies)

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