Cause of more mosquito bites: Why mosquitoes bite you more than other

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mosquito bites cause: Know the reasons for mosquito bite


Mosquitoes bite is very harmful as it cause many serious health-related problems. Every person should take measures to prevent mosquitoes bit to live the healthy life. The mosquitoes bite cause itching dengue, malaria, chikungunya and yellow fever. Moreover, everyone should follow the guideline to prevent deadly disease caused mosquitoes bites. Getting mosquitoes to bite sometimes normally but if you notice mosquitoes are biting you more than other then there is the problem. You must be aware of this problem so you avoid mosquitoes bit and stay healthy. (Also read: Mosquito bite: How to provide relief to the babies from a mosquito bite)

Cause of more mosquito bites: Why mosquitoes bite you more than others.

  • After exercising
  • Due to Pregnancy
  • Excessive sweat
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Blood type
  1. After exercise
    After physical activity and exercise, the body produces lactic acid, which is a favourite of mosquitoes. After exercising, mosquitoes attracted by the smell of sweat and lactic acid, the mosquito bites you more.
  2. Due to pregnancy
    Carbon dioxide is excreted in excessive amounts during the pregnancy of women, which attracts mosquitoes and bites more. Also read: Home remedies for removing mosquitoes from home
  3. Excessive sweating
    The odour of perspiration attracts the mosquitoes, so even if you do not take a bath, despite excessive sweating, you will get more mosquitoes to bite.
  4. Alcohol consumption

    Alcohol is one of the main reason for more mosquito bites
    Mosquito bites cause: alcohol consumption cause more mosquito bites.

    By consuming alcohol, the body produces more carbon dioxide which attracts mosquitoes more. Therefore, consuming beer or alcohol, the mosquito bites you more.

  5. Blood Type 
    Your type of blood may also be a cause of mosquito more bites. Mosquitoes are more attracted towards type blood, mosquitoes are less attracted to type A blood.

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For all these reasons, you get more mosquitoes, so take care of your hygiene and avoid mosquito bites. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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