How can you make your blood thin naturally

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How can you make your blood thin naturally

A lot of medicines contain the elements that thin the blood. These medicines help to restrict the formation of any kind of blood clot in the body. Blood clots usually impact the health of our heart and might increase the risk of heart-related issues. A blood clot might lead to heart attack and cause various other health issues. There are various natural blood thinners that can help to dissolve the blood clot and make the blood thin. A thin blood is necessary to improve the flow of blood. There are certain food products that are actually the natural blood thinners and their consumption can help to make the blood thin. (Also read: Is cooking food with tap water safe or not)

How can you make your blood thin naturally?


Turmeric is antiseptic and antibacterial in nature. It is one herb that solves various health-related issues. Turmeric contains curcumin that helps to make the blood thin by prohibiting the formation of blood clot in the body. According to the study by National Center For Complementary and Integrative Health, turmeric is quite healthy for the body.

Fish and fish oil: Fish contains Omega 3 fatty acids and DHI which helps to thin the blood. One can consume fish oil in the form of a capsule. (Also read: What are the various food items that help to have better poop)


Ginger contains salicylate which is present in many plants. Acetyl Salicylate acid is formed by the salicylate. It is also known as aspirin. It helps to prohibit the heart stroke. Avacadoes, berry, cherries etc. have salicylate acid which helps to thin the blood. Ginger also helps to bring relief to the inflammation and swelling in the muscles of the body.

How can you make your blood thin naturally

Garlic is antioxidant in nature. It helps to control the movement of free radicals in the body and kills them. Besides this, garlic helps to regulate the blood pressure in the body. Thus, it ultimately helps in the proper flow of blood and ensures thinning of the blood.

Cayenne pepper: Cayenne pepper is rich in salicylate acid which helps in thinning of the blood. It helps in cooking the food and give a spicy taste to it. It even helps to regulate the flow of blood and controls blood pressure. Thus, it ensures the proper flow of blood in various parts of the body. As a result, there is no formation of any kind of blood clots in the body. (Also read: What are the habits that can help you to improve your digestion)

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