Brown Rice Vs White Rice- Which One Is Better

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Brown Rice Vs White Rice- Which One Is Better

The rice is a staple part of our diet. Most people like to consume the rice in a variety of manner, like with fish, with pulses, with gravy etc. In most of the households, the preferred choice of rice is the white rice, but recently people have switched to brown rice. People think that it is a healthier decision. However, before picking a type of rice for the meals you must know the reality of both kinds of rice so that you can make the right decision for your health. So, let’s find between the white rice and brown one, which is more suitable for your health. (Also read: What hygiene habits which can be dangerous to your health)

Brown rice is a whole grain, white rice is not
When it comes to health and nutrition people are often advised to include whole grains in the diet. The brown rice is a whole grain. It has all parts of a grain, a bran full of fibre, endosperm rich in carbohydrates and germ full of nutrition. However, the rice loses on the germ and the bran part.

Brown rice is full of nutrition in comparison to the white rice
The biggest power the brown rice has over the white rice is the power of nutrition. The brown rice is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients like Vitamin B6, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous etc in comparison to the white rice. White rice is made of calories and carbohydrates in general. So, in terms of health, brown rice is better. (Also read: What are the effects of the second-hand smoke or passive smoking)

Brown rice helps with the weight loss
The brown rice has a better amount of fibre in it. That keeps you full for a long time and also facilitate better bowel movements. Therefore it is a better choice when it comes to the weight loss routine.

Brown rice might be harmful due to arsenic
The brown rice contains a higher amount of arsenic. The arsenic is a toxin that is found naturally. The brown rice also contains phytic acid that causes problems in the absorption of nutrients.

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