Breathing problem: How to remove the respiratory problem if there is no inhaler

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Ways to tackle breathing problem without inhaler

Breathing problem: How tackle breathing problem without inhaler

People feel very uncomfortable because of the problem of breathing. The problem of breathing occurs due to many reasons. The main reasons are tiredness, allergies, anxiety, or even obesity. The nasal closure causes the respiratory tract to block and this also causes problems in breathing. People with asthma also have trouble breathing. In this regard many people use the inhaler but always using inhalers is harmful. You can improve the problem of not breathing even by following some simple and effective things. If you do not have an inhaler then you can follow them. (Also read: Box Breathing: How to do box breathing to relieve stress and what are its benefits)

Breathing problem: What to do if you do not have an inhaler.

  • Sit straight
  • Take a deep breath
  • Relax yourself
  • Steam
  • Hot drinks
  1. Sit straight down
    Whenever you feel embarrassed to breathe, leave all the work and sit down straight. Avoid bending or lay down when you are not getting the proper breath. This will help reduce your problem.
  2. Take a deep breath
    Deep breathing is one of the best ways to reduce the problem of breath. During the panic attack, many people start having trouble breathing. In this regard in this way, focus on deep breathing. Inhale breathe from the nose and exhale breathe from the mouth. (Also read: How to Treat Breathing Problems in Babies)
  3. Relax yourself
    Anxiety disorder causes the problem of breathing. So during this time you relax and take a steam for immediate comfort. Relaxation protects your chest muscles from tightening, which makes you breathe easier.
  4. Steam

    Steam reduce breathing problem
    Breathing problem: Steam helps to take breathe properly.

    This is a great home remedy. Steam clears your airways. So take a warm water in a vessel and cover your entire face with the help of towels. You can also add some Menthol drops in this water.

  5. Hot drinks
    Hot drinks lose your breathing pipe, which provides comfort to your congestion. You can also mix honey in the beverage to reducing the symptoms of breathing problem. Honey has anti-bacterial properties which reduce the problem of your breathing.

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You can also follow some simple things instead of using the inhaler if there is a problem of breathing. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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