How does bread consumption affects the body during diarrhoea

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bread intake affect diarrhea

There are many types of bread, which are often harmful to health. By consuming bread every day, you open up your body to many disadvantages such as increased blood sugar, celiac disease, an excess of fructose intake and increase in cholesterol. Apart from this, bacteria and viruses that are present in bread also promote problems related to stomach, especially the problem of diarrhoea. This imbalance the bowel movement, which also affects the digestive tract. (Also read: What are the surprising benefits of eating dry fruits and nuts)

Let’s know how the bread consumption affects during diarrhoea.

Gluten is present
Grain which is a mixture of protein used in the flour which is called gluten. Gluten is present in the endosperm of grain with starch. When gluten has been digested the body, there is a burning sensation in the digestive wall track. This is called gluten intolerance or celiac disease. It is responsible for the absorption of nutrients in our body. When it does not work properly, it indicates abdominal pain, swelling of the body, and the spoil of the Bowel movement.

Phytic acid
Grains contain anti-nutrient called phytic acid. Its effect is similar to gluten and absorbs vital nutrients like zinc and calcium. It produces irritation in the bowel and distorts the problem of diarrhoea. (Also read: Which foods are the rich source of vitamin A)

Fibre is in high volume
Bread is a fibre-rich food. Fibre is a substance that is difficult to digest and its intake is mostly done during the weight loss process. When there is irritation in the bowel, the fibre combines with water in the body, causing the problem of diarrhoea to increase.

The bread contains starch. This starch can break down very easily by the body, thereby increasing the level of blood glucose. This starts to get you hungry and therefore you eat high-carb food items. Consumption of bread due to high glycemic index (GI) caused by it causes gas and your diarrhoea gets worse. (Also read: What are the benefits of drinking water from the clay pot or matka)

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