Better sleep: Vitamins to help you to get a sound sleep

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Vitamins to help you to get a sound sleep

Better sleep: Vitamins to help you to get a better sleep

A healthy sleeping routine is one of the key things you need for a healthy life. Despite this, many people face a hard time falling asleep on time, eventually, they develop many health problems. Healthy sleeping routines keep your mind relaxed, you don’t gain unhealthy weight, your metabolism stays peaked. So, if you are having troubles with sleep then the best option is to watch what you are eating. Most of your health issues are resolved by consuming the right kind of vitamins. So, find out about the right kind of vitamins to get a better sleep. (Also read: Lack of sleep: Signs you are not getting enough sleep)

Vitamins to get good sleep

  • C Vitamin
  • E Vitamin
  • B12 Vitamin
  • D Vitamin
  • Calcium

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is important for Immune System, but do you know Vitamin C is also beneficial for better sleep. Firstly, according to a study, people who have low levels of Vitamin C have a sleep problem and they wake up at midnight. Citrus fruit, mango, kiwi can be consumed to cure Vitamin C deficiency. (Also read: How to have the best beauty sleep)

Vitamin E

Vitamins for better sleep
Vitamins E for getting a better sleep

The Vitamin E helps in getting rid of the restless leg syndrome. Because of which it is easy to get sleep in peace. So, it is found in many foodstuffs, which can be consumed to get a better sleep. Try fish, nuts, fruits for vitamin E. (Also read: Constant Sleepiness: Why you feel sleepy all the time)

Vitamin B12
It helps the body build energy by keeping the nerves and blood cells healthy. Due to lack of vitamin B12 in the body, One might face the be problems like fatigue, difficulty in sleep, mood swings.  (Also read: What are the things that affect your sleeping routine)

Vitamin D

Vitamins for better sleep
Vitamins D for getting a better sleep

Vitamin D helps improve the quality and duration of sleep. However, when there is a deficiency of vitamin D in the body, you face the problem in getting a sound sleep. So, you can simply get the vitamin D from sunlight and fish foods. (Also read: How to get rid of sleeping problems)

Calcium helps to strengthen your bones and teeth. Along with this, calcium helps the brain to use melatonin with amino acid tryptophan this promotes healthy sleeping routine.

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So, start to include these vitamins in your diet. Click the link to read this article in Hindi.

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