Best healthy habits that help you to live 10 years longer in life

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Best healthy habits that help you to live 10 years longer in life

Changed liefstyle, stress, work pressure, responsibilities and unhealthy diet are few major reasons that make the people deal with the lot of problems. These changes can lead to a lot of health issues which might affect the life expectancy of a person. On teh contarary, if you have healthy habits and live a positive life then your life span increases. According to studies, tehre are five best habits that make a person live a life 10 years more. These habits include helathy diet, exercise, smoking etc, says a study. Thsi study shows that by adopting these practices, the life span of a 50 years old woman increased upto 14 years. However in man, the life span increased to 12 years. Let’s discuss the habits that help to increase the life span of a person. (Also read: How does starvation affect your body in a negative way)

Best healthy habits that help you to live 10 years longer in life:

Eating well-nourished diet: Your diet helps to keep you healthy. If you take well-nourished and balanced diet then you stay healthy and free from many diseases. According to studies, a healthy diet helps you to stay away from many diseases.

Exercising daily: Daily exercise is extremely important to stay healthy and fit. If you practice exercise or yoga for 30 minutes every day, you stay away from chronic diseases. According to studies, it helps to increase your lifespan. (Also read: Why do you feel dizzy or lightheaded most of the times)

Moderate consumption of alcohol: Consumption of alcohol and the alcohol-containing drinks is harmful to the health of a person, according to the study. It may lead to many diseases. On the other hand, a study reveals that the moderate consumption of alcohol helps you to stay fit and healthy for long.

Quit smoking: Smoking is quite harmful to everyone. It impacts the various parts of the body. It eventually affects your lifespan. If you want to live longer and healthy then you should quit smoking. According to studies, one cigarette can reduce your lifespan by 11 minutes.

Maintaining a healthy weight: Healthy weight helps to stay happy and healthy all through your life. When you have the right body weight, you stay away from various diseases. However, in case of obesity, you often encounter problems like diabetes cardiovascular problems etc. According to studies, those who are obese have less life expectancy, as obesity decreases their lifespan. (Also read: What is the right time to drink water)

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