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  • Benefits of yellow moong dal and rice: What are the health benefits of consuming yellow moong dal and rice

Benefits of yellow moong dal and rice: What are the health benefits of consuming yellow moong dal and rice

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Benefits of Yellow dal and Rice: Consumption of yellow dal and rice is beneficial for health

Moong daal and rice are very good combinations. Provides low-fat and high-fibre proteins together. Although people do not want to consume rice during losing weight, this is not right because rice contains fibre, protein, and low-calorie. Similarly, moong dal contains proteins, dietary fibre, 3 grams of sugar and 351 calories, which are beneficial for health and contain high amounts of minerals and vitamins. Consumption of these two together provides high levels of nutrition to your body and also protects the body from various types of infections. (Also read: Benefits of rice water: How rice water is beneficial for toddlers)

Benefits of consuming yellow dal and rice: Benefits of consuming yellow moong dal and rice.

  • Build muscles
  • Reduces weight
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Provides benefits to hair and skin
  • Protects from anaemia
  1. Builds muscles
    Moong dal contains amino acids and rice contains sulfur-based amino acids including methionine and cysteine. Therefore, consuming them together increases your protein synthesis, which improves your muscles and strengthens muscles. (Also read: Brown Rice Vs White Rice- Which One Is Better)
  2. Lose weight

    Benefits of Yellow dal and Rice: Consume yellow dal and rice to lose weight.

    Consumption of moong dal and rice together provides adequate fibre to your body, which improves your heart health and bowel system. Due to fibre, it also cures the problem of constipation. Fibre keeps your stomach full for a long time so that you do not crave for unhealthy foods.

  3. Strengthen the immune system
    Moong dal has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that help fight bacteria, viruses and colds. Rice has fibre which is better for health and boosts the immune system.
  4. Provides benefits to hair and skin
    Moong dal contains protein and there is a fibre in rice which cleanses the body and thus keeps hair and skin healthy. The right time to eat moong dal and rice together in the afternoon because it is easily digested at this time.
  5. Protects from anaemia
    Moong dal and rice contain iron. Iron is necessary to make red blood cells. Therefore, consuming them together meets the iron deficiency in your body and reduces the risk of anaemia.

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By consuming moong dal and rice together, you get many health benefits because they contain enough nutrients. You can also read this article on Hindi.

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