Bedtime snacks – Is bedtime snacking good or bad for the body

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bedtime snacks merits and demerits

Consuming bedtime snacks is both good and bad for the body

Bedtime snacks: Most of us crave for something tasty few hours after dinner or at the midnight. It may bring along a lot of merits and demerits with it. Eating something too heavy and oily before going to bed will lead to weight gain. However, if you sleep on an empty stomach, it will disturb your sleep routine. Bedtime snacking has both good side and bad side. It’s not always unhealthy to munch upon a handful of light lacks so satiate your craving and hunger at the same time. It is always confusing whether bedtime snacks are healthy or not. So, here is a detailed analysis of merits and demerits of bedtime snacking. (Also read: Bedtime drink to reduce belly fat quickly)

Bedtime snacking may lead to weight gain

  • Merits of bedtime snacking
  • Demerits of bedtime snacking
  • Conclusion of bedtime snacking

Merits of bedtime snacking

bedtime snacks good and bad effects
Bedtime snacking helps to provide energy to the body to build muscles.
  • There are always two sides of a coin, so eating right before you sleep might be beneficial for the body, as you will not wake up as a hungry crow. It will even keep you satiated at night so that you can have a sound sleep.
  • Our body needs proper nourishment and energy even while sleeping. So, try to eat something healthy before you are off to sleep so that your body has sufficient energy while you are asleep. Bedtime snacks help to build muscles. To read in detail click here.
  • Bedtime snacking helps to keep your brain active for the next day.
  • Those who have the problem of diabetes should snack healthy before going to bed. It helps to satiate their hunger pangs and also helps to regulate their blood sugar level.

Demerits of bedtime snacking
Bedtime snacks good and bad effects

With a lot of merits, bedtime snacking also lead to certain demerits as well.

  • Eating something heavy right before going to bed might lead to weight gain. It slows down the process of metabolism and leads to increase in the calorie count at night. It eventually loads in the body as the body fat.
  • As our body is not making a much physical move at the night, it leads to weight gain.
  • Those who have the problems of acidity and gas, should not eat anything right before sleeping. It increases their problem of acidity.
  • It even makes you feel heavy and disturbs your sleep, if you consume something heavy and unhealthy food items.

Conclusion of bedtime snacking

It is completely okay to consume something before you are off to bed. But make sure you eat healthy. You can have an apple, a fat-free yoghurt, diet food etc. Do not eat something which is loaded with fats and calories. It will be difficult to digest heavy food items at night. So, eat in small proportion and choose your food wisely. (Also read: Which bedtime skin care tips provide results in a week)

Above-mentioned are some of the merits and demerits of bedtime snacking. You must not eat something which is difficult in the process of digestion. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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