Banana leaf: What are the benefits of eating food on banana leaves

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Banana leaf: Consuming food on banana leaf is beneficial

There is a tradition of serving food on banana leaves in India. Especially in the states of south India, eating food on banana leaves is considered to be quite healthy and auspicious. Most people use banana leaves to serve South Indian cuisine on many occasion. These leaves are used not only for serving food but also for cooking and decorating. These leaves are considered to be the most hygienic, environmentally friendly and healthier. On these leaves, you can have all the food once. But have you ever wondered why these leaves are used to serve food for such a long time?. (Also read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Bay Leaves)

Eating on banana leaves: Benefits of eating food on banana leaves.

  • Antioxidants
  • Increase the taste of food
  • Hygienic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Chemical free


  1. Antioxidants
    Natural antioxidants like polyphenols are found in banana leaves. If you serve food on banana leaves, the food absorbs these antioxidants that protect your body from many diseases. (Also read: Which food items are the best sources of antioxidants)
  2. Increase the taste of food

    Consuming food on banana leaves is beneficial for health
    Banana leaf: Banana leaf enhance the taste of food

    There is a kind of wax coating on banana leaves that have a distinctive flavour. By serving hot food on these, this wax melts and enhances the taste of food.

  3. Hygienic
    There is no need to make more effort to clean banana leaves. They can be cleaned with little water. Common utensils are washed with soap so that they have the possibility of having germs. However, while eating food on banana leaves, you are comfortable and there is no risk of germs and bacteria. (Also read: What hygiene habits which can be dangerous to your health)
  4. Environmentally friendly
    If you are using plastic disposable plates, then you are polluting the environment and also putting your health on the stake. It is a good choice to use banana leaves instead. After using them they can be consumed by the vegetation and they do not harm the environment.
  5. Chemical free
    Whether you clean the kitchenware in a dishwasher or by yourself, use soap or detergent. The traces of these chemicals remain on your plates and utensils which can harm you. Banana leaves are free from chemical and do not cause any such harm.

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Eating food on banana leaves deliver many health benefits. Moreover, it also keeps many diseases at bay. You can also read this article in Hindi.


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