What are the bad habits that harm your back and cause pain

bad habits harm back cause pain

Nowadays many people suffer from the back pain. The pain causes problems in performing daily tasks and also enhances the stress level in the body. A backache affects your lifestyle, work, sleep and sex life. If you are worried about the pain of the back then it is important to know the reason behind it so that you can treat it. For your back pain, along with your poor lifestyle, many things like lack of physical activity and the wrong posture of sitting can be responsible. Apart from this, some of your bad habits may also be responsible for the back pain. (Also read: What does your face tell about your health)

Let’s know about these habits

Do not exercise

If you do not do any exercise or perform yoga throughout the day, then your posture may be bad due to which there may be complaints of lower back pains. For this, you can do some activity that strengthens certain exercises like pilates and other core muscles.

Less comfort and more stress
bad habits harm back cause pain
Chronic and acute stress can also increase the pain problem in the waist. If you are not taking rest due to work stress, then do not make this mistake. Due to excess stress, your whole body is affected. During this time there is a lot of pressure on your neck and waist muscles, which causes complication of pain in the waist. (Also read: What are the causes of a foul smelling belly button)

Watching television
bad habits harm back cause pain
Nowadays people have a bad habit of sitting in front of a TV and a computer. This habit causes great damage to your waist. Those who are sitting in front of a television or computer more than 15 hours in a week, they face pain in their waist more than others.

Excessive consumption of junk foods

If you like junk foods, fast foods or processed foods, it can also be a cause that causes pain in your waist. If you do not take a healthy diet, then your spine does not help with the blood circulation due to which spine does not receive the nutrition. This causes swelling and swelling led to pain.


Smoking is also one of the worst habits responsible for your back pain. Those who smoke, the chances of pain in the waist are three times higher. Smoking affects your blood circulation in the body, including blood transfusion to your spine. Due to this, the cushioning disks that are present between your bones start breaking down quickly. In addition to smoking, your bones are weak, which can lead to pain in the waist. (Also read: How to drain the lymphatic fluids from your body?)

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