Bad bathroom habits: Gross bathroom habits that are ruining your health

Unhygienic bathroom habits

Gross bathroom habits that are ruining your health

Bad bathroom habits: To live a healthy life you have to be careful with everything you do. You can’t live your life in a careless manner without regard to your own wellness. This includes your everyday habits in regard to the bathroom, the bedroom etc. The bathroom is that one place where you clean yourself and perform the natural bodily functions, so it is really harmful to your health. There are certain bad habits that can harm your health. It is important to remember that bathroom hygiene is not just cleaning, it is much more than that. So, avoid these habits to make the best of your bathroom routine. (Also read: How long you should wash your hands)

Unhygienic bathroom habits

  • Leaving wet towel hanging
  • Bringing the phone with you
  • Not cleaning your toothbrush
  • Not cleaning the bathroom
  • Using the same loofah for a long time

Leaving wet towel hanging
All of us use the towel to clean the body and to wipe the water from it. So, it is full of germs and the germs grow more in the humid and damp environment. This habit can make your bathroom a sanctuary of germs and microbes.

Bringing the phone with you

Unhygienic bathroom habits
Taking your phone to bathroom is a bad habit

Many people have this awful habit of taking this phone along to the bathroom. At any given point your bathroom and your toilet seat are full of bacteria and other microbes such as E.coli, norovirus, salmonella, Shigella, Streptococcus, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus etc. So, your phone screen starts to gather the bacteria and microbes and infect you. (Also read: Why carrying a smartphone to the toilet is not safe)

Not cleaning your toothbrush
If you are dealing with constant illness, then have you to think about your toothbrush. The reason for it is simple your toothbrush gathers the germs from your mouth and in case you don’t clean it well, then your toothbrush becomes the storehouse of germs.

Not cleaning the bathroom
It is an awful habit to keep your bathroom dirty. It is important to clean your bathroom to keep away the harmful microbes that can accumulate otherwise.

Using the same loofah for a long time

Unhygienic bathroom habits
Using the same loofah for long can be bad for the health

Loofah is used to scrub the skin in a better way, but that doesn’t mean you will not change. Using the same loofah for a really long time can lead to accumulation of dead skin cells and microbes in it. (Also read: Taking loofah bath can be harmful too)

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