Back pain: How to deal with back pain in the office

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Avoiding back pain in the office

Back pain in the office can be very hurtful

You must have noticed that often there is a problem of back pain due to sitting in the office for a long time. This problem makes it really hard to even sit still. You do not even feel like doing your work. The main reason for this problem is that when we are in the office we have to sit in the same position for a long time. This starts to impact the spine and thus leads to back pain. It happens to people of all age groups. Thus, it is important to know of the right way to get rid of this problem. (Also read: What are the causes of the upper back pain)

Avoiding back pain in the office

  • Look directly towards the computer
  • Don’t use the phone or tablets
  • Take a break
  • Use some support
  • Adjust the chair

Look directly towards the computer
Most of the people in the office have their desktops or laptops at a lower height. Because of which you have to look a little down to work. To avoid pain in the back, place the top of the monitor at the level of Chin. With this, you will sit absolutely straight and the problem of back pain can be avoided. (Also read: What Is Your Back Pain Suggesting About Your Health)

Don’t use the phone or tablets
Do not use a phone or tablet to check the mail when you are working on a computer or a laptop. This is because of the fact that you have to tilt to use it, causing back pain. (Also read: Six Natural Treatments For Back Pain Relief)

Take a break
If you are sitting for long periods of time, it can cause pain in the back. Therefore, there should be small breaks at work. This gives your muscles some comfort, thereby preventing tension in the back. (Also read: Home remedies to get relief from back pain)

Use some support
When you sit at the desk, during this time your feet should be touching the floor and your thigh should be on the downside angle. So, it is better to use support to avoid the pain. (Also read: What are the bad habits that harm your back and cause pain)

Adjust the chair
The chair you are using in office should be stable. Make sure its height is right and it suits you.

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So, if you follow these points you can avoid back pain in the office. Click the link to this article in Hindi.

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