How to avoid the heatstroke during the summer season

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With the change of season and the onset of summer, it becomes really hard to take care of your health. Most of the people who go out during the summers know that it is impossible to beat the heat during the season. This constant exposure to the sun’s rays can lead to the problem of heat stroke. It signs include a headache, high body temperature, flushed skin and nausea. It can be really troublesome for the person to bear it. Thus, it is important to know how to avoid the problem of heat stroke. There are plenty of easy ways to avoid the problem of the heat stroke.

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Wear loose-fitting clothes
It is important that you avoid wearing tight clothes during the summer season. It is a must as tight clothes don’t give any room for the skin to breathe and it impacts the body. So, wear loose clothes always.

Have a lot of fluids
It is important to fight off dehydration during this time to avoid the heat stroke. So, have plenty of fluids every day and stay hydrated. This is important because the sweating will help to control the body’s temperature and for that, you need to stay hydrated.

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Avoid hard physical task during the peak heat hours
When the sun rays at its height that is the time period between 12 to 4, then you must avoid extensive physical activities like exercising heavy lifting etc. Stay in the shade and keep yourself cool naturally.

Apply sunscreen
The sunscreen you use must have the SPF level higher than 15 or at least 15. Apply it and if needed reapply it. It will help you to avoid the sunburn.

Stay in shade or use covers
If possible stay in the shade during the daytime. However, if it is not possible then keep yourself covered and use an umbrella if needed.

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