Appetite: Snacks to tame appetite

Snacks to curb hunger

Appetite: Snacks to curb hunger.

Sometimes it is essential to keep appetite at bay for the wellness of the body. It will help you achieve your fitness goals. Moreover, if your hunger is satisfied then you also stay more focused at work and push harder in the gym during a workout. If you also want to curb your appetite then there are some snacks, which keeps your stomach full for longer time. These snacks are the rich source of fibre and protein. Both fibre and protein take time to pass through your digestive system, keep your stomach fuller for longer.

Let’s know about snacks which tame your appetite:

  • Greek yoghurt with flax seed
  • Popcorn sprinkled with parmesan
  • Whey protein shake
  • Spiced chickpeas
  • Almonds

Greek yoghurt with flax seed
Greek yoghurt is the rich source of protein and beneficial for curbing hunger. The consumption of greek yoghurt with flax seed increase the level of gut hormones like peptide YY that tame down appetite. (Also read: What are the health benefits of Greek yoghurt)

Popcorn sprinkled with parmesan
Popcorn sprinkled with parmesan helps to reduce the hunger. Moreover, the popcorn contains fewer calories and you can eat a lot of it for few calories.

Whey protein shake

foods to curb hunger
Appetite: Protein shake helps to curb hunger

Consumption of whey protein is one of the best options to tame appetite. If you are going to gym in an hour then consume a protein shake. (Also read: Protein shake: When to consume protein shakes- before or after the workout)

Spiced chickpeas
People who regularly eat chickpeas for three consecutive months feel more satiated. The consumption of chickpeas is very beneficial to reduce the appetite. (Also read: What are the health benefits of chickpeas or chana)


Foods to curb hunger
Appetite: Consumption of almonds help to reduce hunger

Almonds are beneficial to increase the feeling of fullness among people. The almonds contain antioxidants, vitamin E, magnesium and other essential nutrients. The consumption of handful almonds is good to reduce appetite.

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Uncontrolled appetite sometimes forces you to eat unhealthy foods. It is mandatory to control your appetite to achieve your goals. You can curb your hunger with some foods, which provide you feeling of fullness for a longer time.

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