Amazing health benefits of sitting on floor and eating

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Amazing health benefits of sitting on floor and eating

Nowadays people sit on dining tables and enjoy their dinner. However, during ancient time, when all these tables and chairs were not in existence, people used to sit on the floor and eat. The invention of chairs has become so prominent that people are almost forgetting the benefits of sitting on floor and eating. Sitting on the floor is an exercise in itself. Not only this it also helps in proper stretching of the body and helps to make the process of digestion easy and fast. No matter how forward people become in life, sitting on the floor is still practised in some parts of the world. It has immense benefits which yoga and Ayurveda have approved off. Besides this, science has also approved the valuable benefits of sitting on the floor. (Also read: What Are The Signs Which Indicate Protein Deficiency In The Body)

Here are some of the health benefits of sitting on floor and eating:

Helps to improve digestion: Sitting on the floor with legs crossed while eating the food has many health benefits. It helps in the process of digestion and helps the abdominal muscles to move back and forth. Sitting on the floor for eating release of digestive enzymes, ensuring proper digestion. It also brings the body to the perfect relaxation.

Improves the flexibility of the body: While we sit on the floor, there is a constant movement of our hips, knees and the ankles. It also helps to bring flexibility in the spine and improves the immune system of the body. Whereas sitting on the chair for long hours leads to pain in the back. It even makes your back bulky and heavy. (Also read: Contact lens mistakes that can harm your eyes)

Improves blood flow: When we sit on the floor, it becomes easy for the blood to flow throughout the body. It makes the heart pump well and circulates the blood evenly as required by the body. While we sit on the floor and eat, there is less pressure and force on the heart. Thus, the body gets the necessary nutrients evenly.

Helps in weight loss: When we tend to sit on the floor, it is often said that our mind is calm and is at peace. Thus we are not messed up and do not over eat. Eating in the right proportion is essential for the body, as it automatically prevents the excess of calorie intake. Also, the nerves of the brain function better while we sit on the floor and transmit quick signals to the brain. Also, you don’t just gulp the food in excess but eat in moderation and by proper chewing.

Besides this, it is a kind of exercise in its own way. Sitting on the floor and getting up, time and again leads to the complete body movement and helps to reduce the fat from the body. (Also read: What Are The Signs Which Indicate Calcium Deficiency In Body)

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