Amazing health benefits of consuming Isabgol

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amazing health benefits of consuming isabgol

Isabgol is also known as ‘Ashvakarna‘, it is a froth of seeds of the flower of Plantagoga plant. Isabgol seems like a wheat straw to a large extent, which is usually consumed to prevent the problem of diarrhea. Isbagol consumption not only prevents diarrhea but many other health problems. Its consumption is very beneficial for our health. (Also read: How to use acupressure techniques to get rid of headache)

Let’s know what are the benefits of consuming Isabgol.


It can be a bit difficult to believe that the problem of constipation is cured by consuming Isbagol. Because it relieves the problem of diarrhea, there is little paradox about relief from constipation. But it has hygroscopic properties, due to which it absorbs excess water from the digestive tract and regulates the process of stool. For this, take two spoons as Isabgol with lukewarm milk in the night before sleeping.

Helps in weight loss

By consuming Isabagol, constipation may prevent and digestion improves, but it also helps in weight loss. You do not feel hungry for long after consuming Isabagol, which reduces the chances of consuming excessive calories. For this, take a lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of Isabgol in lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning. (Also read: What are the various reasons for pain in your lower back)

Gas Reliefamazing health benefits of consuming isabgol

Many people face irritation in stomach burns due to the problem of gas. Isabgol creates a layer inside the stomach after going inside the body, which acts to protect the irritation caused by gas. Along with this, it also helps in preventing acidity in the stomach. For this, you can consume 2 teaspoons of Isabgol with water after irritation in the stomach.


There is a natural amount of gelatin inside Isbagol, which reduces the process of breaking down and absorbing glucose in the body. Due to which the amount of glucose in the blood starts reducing and provide relief from diabetes. For this benefit, immediately after eating the food, take 1 spoonful of Isabgol with water.

Caution: Excessive consumption of anything leads to a major problem, so there can be a problem in the stomach disorder due to eating Isabagol all the time or unnecessarily. Also, some kind of allergies (which is quite unusual) can also happen. So do not forget to consult a doctor. (Also read: What are the major causes of bad breath)

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