What are some amazing facts human nose

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amazing facts human nose

Every part of the body has its importance and reveals many things about you and your health. Similarly, the nose, which exists above the mouth on the face of a person, containing the nostrils and is used for breathing and smelling, reveals many things about you. It helps to keep you safe from microbes in the air and enables you to smell the delicious pizza, our life would definitely not be the same without our nose. Here are some amazing facts which you will appreciate how this organ is important for your overall health. (Also read: What happens to your body once you quit smoking)

Let’s know about some amazing facts of the nose.

Newborns can breathe and suckle breast milk at the same time.

It is not possible for humans to breath and eat at the same time but newly born suckle breast milk and breath at the same time. This happens because the respiratory pathway of the newly born baby is slightly different from older people. Once the newly born weaned off the breast the pathway starts to change.

Your nose humidifies the air you breathe

Your nose plays important role in breathing process as humidifies the air. The lungs and throat cannot tolerate the dry air, so your nose humidifies the air by drawing out the moisture from the mucus. The air is moist when it passes further down your respiratory tract. (Also read: How To Maintain The pH Balance In Your Body)

It protects you from pollution, allergens, and microbes

The nose helps to protect you from harmful pollutants present in the air. The turbinates inside your are lined by cells which have tiny hairs known as cilia are responsible for filtering out the harmful allergens, and microbes present in the air you inhale. It is a very important function as your lungs cannot foreign particles.

It warms up the air you breathe in

The nose also warms up the air you breathe in. The nose warms up the air because the lungs do not like cold air. (Also read: How to flush out toxic substance from kidney)

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