Alternate to butter: Healthy alternatives to butter one can eat

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healthy alternatives to the butter

Alternate to butter: One must eat nut butter or avocado instead of butter to stay healthy.

Alternate to butter: We all love to add a little butter or oil to our dishes. It not only adds to the taste but also helps in proper greasing of the food. However, excess consumption of butter or oil is not at all healthy for the body. It clogs the arteries and veins, which eventually restricts the healthy as well as the smooth flow of the blood. Not just this, it even raises the bad cholesterol level of the body. Thus, we must eat butter in a moderate amount. However, there are many healthy eating options which can work as an alternative to butter. Let’s discuss which are the healthy alternative to the butter. (Also read: Whats are the health benefits of peanut butter)

Alternate to butter: Which are the best and healthiest alternatives to butter?

  • Avocado
  • Olive oil
  • Nut butter
  • Applesauce

Avocados are great for maintaining the health of the heart. It helps to lower down the cholesterol level and helps to keep the heart healthy. Not just this, it is rich in fibre and other essential vitamins. One can spread the avocado paste on toast and eat it instead of the buttered toast.

Olive oil
We all know that olive oil is best for our health. It is low in calorie count. One can easily cook and bake the food with olive oil.

Nut butter

which are the healthiest alternate to the butter
Alternate to butter: Peanut butter helps to stay healthy and fit.

Nut butter not only solves the purpose of greasing but also provides essential nourishment to the body. Peanut butter, almond butter etc. are great for the health of the heart when we consume them in moderation. Also, they are rich in fibre, minerals, vitamins etc.

Applesauce is not just good in taste but healthy for the body too. It is high in fibre and helps to reduce the calories intake. One must use applesauce to grease the baking item, it will taste even better.

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These are some of the best alternatives to butter. One must consume them to stay healthy and fit. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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