GM Diet Plan: How To Lose Weight In Just 7 Days

GM Diet Plan: How To Lose Weight In Just 7 Days

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Nowadays, every person wants to lose weight and why not? Due to tremendous change in lifestyle, weight gain has become a serious concern. In the lifestyle of jam-packed schedules, hardly anyone gets the time to hit the gym or opt for strenuous exercises. Hence, we have shared an amazing weight loss trick which will leave you all awestruck. The GM (General Motor) Diet Plan for weight loss in just 7 days has been proved to be very effective in weight loss and detoxification of the body. It has been around since 1985. Therefore, if weight loss is what you are expecting then find out below the 7-days diet plan on which you must adhere to. Below mentioned is the day-to-day list of diet plan you need to follow:

#Day 1:

The day of fruits– In Day 1, you need to opt fruits and there is no restriction on the time you eat them. However, on the first day of your GM diet, do not include the banana. You can eat as many fruits you wish to and it will be great if you include watermelon, oranges, apple and papaya. You must also drink 10-12 glasses of water. You can divide fruits according to the breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner in combination with water.

#Day 2:

All vegetable day– On the second day, you need to eat only vegetables and no fruit with a restriction to include potato only in breakfast. Vegetables are high in fibre which can keep your stomach full for the whole day. Here too you need to include 10-12 glasses of water. You can opt for veggies like cabbage, beans, lettuce, broccoli and carrots and consume them either boiled or raw. [Also Read: Military Diet Plan For An Effective Weight Loss]

#Day 3:

The combination of fruits and veggies– The blend of fruits and vegetables can give a treat to your taste buds. However, on the third day, you should not include potato and banana in your meal. The combination of fruits and veggies will give you enough nutrients and fibres. Make a schedule for day 3 meals by segregating fruits and veggies for breakfast and lunch. You can also drink soup in dinner time. Moreover, do not forget to include 10-12 glasses of water.

#Day 4:

All banana and milk day– Contradictory to other days, now you can include bananas in your diet. You need to eat at least 8 bananas on this day with four glasses of milk. To hit the variety, you can make a banana shake as well but with no sugar. Add few drops of honey to sweeten it. Water consumption is mandated as mentioned above. Make a schedule to add the prescribed bananas and milk in your day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

#Day 5:

The combination of tomato and brown rice: This is the day where you need to include 6 tomatoes and a cup of brown rice. Non-vegetarians can add fish or chicken instead of brown rice. However, remember to cook it with the minimum quantity of oil possible. On this day increase the water quantity with two glasses to compensate with uric acid production in your body. A change of taste may make you feel good. And now, just 2 more days left!

#Day 6:

Combination of vegetables and brown rice:

On the 6th day, you need to include vegetables replacing tomatoes and a cup of brown rice. Non-vegetarians can add fish or chicken instead of brown rice. However, make it a point to cook it with the minimum quantity of oil possible. Drink 10-12 glasses of water like in routine. Avoid eating potato, banana, mango and cheese. At the end of 6th day, you can notice visible changes in your body.

#Day 7:

So now you have made to the last day of your diet plan. On this day, you need to have a cup of brown rice, fruit juices (no sugar)  and 10-12 glasses of water. Say no to mango, banana, pear and cherry juices as they can hinder your weight loss process. Distribute the meal according to hours of the day. To complement brown rice, you can eat broccoli and cabbage.

Congratulations! you have successfully completed your 7 Days GM Diet Plan. You can now see visible changes in the body as you have reduces weight. To carry on further, you can again opt for this diet plan in the alternate week and not in the coming week.

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