What is a salad diet plan and how one must follow it

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What is salad diet plan and how one must follow it

Summers are almost at their peak and during this time, people want to shed the excess body weight. If you are also planning to lose weight, then you must take up a salad diet plan. People have a misconception in mind that starving leads to weight loss. However, it is a complete myth. One must cut down on their calorie intake and eat healthy to lose those extra kilos from the body. Salad diet plan is a healthy option to lose weight. The fruits, vegetables, oil, beans etc. that we include in our diet helps to prohibit weight gain and provides proper nourishment to the body. Let’s discuss how salad diet helps you to lose weight and what should you eat while following this diet plan. (Also read: What is an egg diet plan and how one must follow it)

What is salad diet plan and how one must follow it?

Rules of salad diet plan:

  • Eat fruits and vegetables after cleaning and washing them properly.
  • Include low-calorie vegetables, fruits and dressings.
  • Eat more vegetables than usual.
  • Eat lean protein necessarily.
  • Include a bowl of salad with every meal.
  • Must drink 8-9 glasses of water every day.

Salad diet plan: Below-mentioned is a sample salad diet plan. You can include fruits and vegetables according to your own preference and need. (Also read: How does one meal in a day diet plan work)

Breakfast: Boiled egg, broccoli, cucumber, lettuce. (You can use fresh lime juice as a topping for the same). Besides this, you can eat amla, tomato, corn, red onion etc. to make a salad of your choice.

Lunch: During lunch, you can eat, trout fish, boiled potatoes, green onion, beans. (You can use salt and pepper for topping). Besides this, you can also add avocado, roasted chicken, nuts, olive oil as well.

Dinner: Whole grain, pumpkin seeds, grilled tuna fish or boiled egg, olives, beetroot. (You can tip it with walnut oil and fresh herbs. Besides this, you can eat the cherry, apple, cheese, nuts, seeds, beans and yoghurt as well.


      • Following a salad diet plan helps you to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.
      • It is easy to digest and makes you feel fresh throughout the day.
      • Salads are highly nourishing and low in calorie.
      • Do not lead to lack of any essential vitamin and mineral in the body.


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