What Are The Benefits Of Dash Diet Plan

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what are the benefits of dash diet plan

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To lose weight, it is also necessary to take care of your diet coupled with effective exercises. If you consume your food in parts, then it is easy to lose weight. Similarly, a dash diet plan is very effective to reduce weight, and also helps to keep many diseases at bay controlling high blood pressure level. (Also read: GM Diet Plan: How To Lose Weight In Just 7 Days)

What is Dash Diet plan?

It’s like a simple diet that contains fruits, vegetables, nuts, low-fat dairy products, fish, meat, beans etc. Dash diet is consumed with salt and low oil intake so that you can avoid diseases of blood pressure. In the Dash diet plan, you only have to intake 1500-2300 mg of sodium daily. Apart from this, you also have to control sugar, fat and junk food.

Guidelines for dash diet plan:

  • If you are following a dash diet plan to lose weight, then spend more energy than the energy you get from eating.
  • Check your activity level, and know how much your activity is helpful in reducing your weight, how much you work, how much physical work you do.
  • Take special care of your daily calorie intake.
  • Stay away from sugar, sodium-rich food.
  • Check your weight every week. (Also read: Military Diet Plan For An Effective Weight Loss)

Menu for Dash Diet Plan:

Between 6:30-7:30 AM in the morning – eat a cup of soaked fenugreek seeds.

Eat breakfast in the morning between 7.15-8.15 AM, 1 egg, 1 glass juice without sugar and one brown bread.

Then in between 10: 00-10: 30 AM have 1 banana and one glass juice.

Lunch (12.30 to 1.00) During this time you can add protein or mushroom, beans salad and you can also add olive oil and flax seed to this salad.

Snacks: Take 1 cup green tea and 15 pistachios or a bowl baby carrot.

Dinner (about 7.00 hrs): Grilled or baked fish can be consumed with vegetables, take 1 glass of low-fat milk or 1 bowl vegetables with legumes, 1 beaten bread and one cup of curd.


While following this diet, avoiding consuming soda, pizza, salted nuts, energy drinks and salty foods. (Also read: Why you should give up dairy right now)

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