Weight loss diet plan: Lose weight with Indian diet plan in 4 weeks, Week 2

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Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Diet plan to lose weight in four weeks

Diet plan for weight loss: Welcome to the second week of healthy diet planning! Weight loss is one thought that is on everyone’s mind lately. With time crunch and lack of physical workout losing weight becomes the ultimate cause of worry for people. This is exactly why you need to know the perfect diet plan for the second week. A right diet plan is not about eating in small amounts, it is about eating right, eating healthy and eating on time. We all have our concerns about the weight loss issue, but taking care of the health is equally important. Therefore, the second week of diet plan is all about nutrition and nourishment for your body. (Also read: How to lose weight with Indian diet plan in 4 weeks: Week 1 diet chart)

Diet plan for weight loss: Week 2 Indian Diet Plan

  • Early morning
  • Breakfast
  • Mid-morning snack
  • Lunch
  • Mid-evening
  • Dinner
  • Post Dinner

You need to know that you are doing this for your own health and well-being. Learn to treat your body as a valuable asset that can help you to achieve anything if you treat it right. The second week can be tough, but keep yourself motivated and full of positive spirit to keep moving ahead.

Diet plan for weight loss: What to eat in week 2 to lose weight during 4 weeks of Indian diet plan:

Early morning

Diet plan for weight loss in 4 weeks
Diet plan for weight loss includes having almonds in the morning for weight loss

Start with 5 to 6 almonds and walnuts for the energy dose. Take 10 ml of wheatgrass juice to kick start the day.

For the most important meal of the day, you have plenty of options.
Two medium sized vegetable uthappam and sambhar
A bowl full of vegetable dalia
Combination of upma and chutney
2 medium Oats, ragi and panner Dosa
A bowl full of fruits, oats and flaxseed porridge.
A bowl of red or brown rice and pulse mixed Pongal and a bowl of sambhar.

Have a glass full of whey protein shake and milk or assorted fruits. You can also have Trail mix or yummy coconut juice with malai.(Also read: Why you should give up dairy right now)

Grab a bowl of minestrone soup that is rich in vegetables and contains less amount of pasta.


Diet plan for weight loss in 4 weeks
Diet Plan For Weight Loss includes healthy lunch options

For lunch, you can never go wrong with two multigrain chappati and a bowl of veg or nonveg gravy. You can also go for a bowl of pulse chaat full of rajama, chana, black channa, green moong etc. A vegetable omelette is also an excellent option for lunch.

Make your snack time yummy and healthy with two multigrain khakras. You can never go wrong with a fruit of your preference and cup of tea.

Your dinner must be light and healthy. You can go for a bowl full of brown rice based chicken biryani or vegetable pula and raita with a bowl of vegetable or chicken salad. You can also have steamed red rice, sambhar and a bowl of non-veg or vegetable gravy with a bowl of salad of your preference. Two multigrain chapatis, a bowl or mixed spicy dal or fish curry and a bowl of curd is also an ideal option. There are certain you can do at night to lose weight. Click the link to know.

Post dinner
If you are a night owl then you must go for a glass full of whey protein shake. You can also opt for a simple glass of warm milk. (Also read: Military Diet Plan For An Effective Weight Loss)

This the ideal diet plan for the week 2. Click the link to read this article in Hindi.

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