Weight loss diet plan: Lose weight with Indian diet plan in 4 weeks, Week 1

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Diet plan for weight loss in 4 weeks

Diet plan to lose weight in four weeks

Diet Plan For Weight Loss: Are you tired of trying to lose weight? Well, losing weight is not an easy task. Even when we decide to lose weight, it takes a lot of effort to maintain the diet plan. While we choose to go on a diet, we tend to deprive our body of necessary nutrients. However, it is necessary that no matter how hard we go on a diet, we should nourish our body with necessary vitamins and minerals. Thus, following a healthy diet plan to lose weight is necessary. Practically you can’t lose weight in a day or two or maybe in a week. According to Indian diet plan for weight loss, you need to follow 4 weeks of strict diet plan. (Also read: How to lose weight with Indian diet plan in 4 weeks: Week 2 diet chart)

Diet plan for weight loss: Week 1 Indian Diet Plan

  • Early morning
  • Breakfast
  • Mid-morning snack
  • Lunch
  • Mid-evening
  • Dinner
  • Post Dinner

Make note of a person’s medical background. If a person has some medical history, try to talk to the doctor first before following any diet. Following a diet plan does not mean a complete no to carbs and fats. However, make note of a person’s likes and dislikes while you plan a diet for the person. Besides this, you should always make a note of things if a person is allergic to something.

Diet plan for weight loss: What to eat in week 1 to lose weight during 4 weeks of Indian diet plan:

Early morning:

Diet plan for weight loss in 4 weeks
Diet plan for weight loss includes starting your day with a fruit

Bite your favourite fruit in the morning. Also east seeds of watermelon, melon, flax etc. (Also read: (Also read: How to lose weight with Indian diet plan in 4 weeks: Week 3 diet chart)

Breakfast: You have plenty of options to eat in breakfast. You can eat cheese sandwich with mint chutney or 2 idlis with sambhar. You can either have 2 multigrain vegetable paratha with a glass of vegetable juice.

Mid-morning snack:

Diet plan for weight loss in 4 weeks
Diet plan for weight loss promotes nuts for mid morning snack

You can eat either 4 walnuts and 2 dates or fruit of your choice.

Lunch: You can either take 2 multigrain roti or a bowl of red or brown rice. Pair it up with a bowl of dal or rajma. You can even pair it up with egg burji or a non-veg curry. Also, eat a bowl low-fat curd

Mid-evening: Have a glass of tea or coffee or a glass buttermilk. You can pair it up with diet bhel or fruit. There are many other healthy snacks for weight loss as well. Click the link to know.

Dinner: You can have a bowl of chicken gravy with a bowl of rice or you can also have 2 multigrain chapattis. Take a salad bowl with a bowl of low-fat curd. Else you can either eat a bowl vegetable Dalia upma with a bowl sambhar and a bowl of salad or soup

Post-dinner: Chew 4-5 pieces of nuts and a glass warm low-fat milk.


Stay tuned with us for week 2 diet plan details. You can read this article in Hindi as well. Click the link for it.

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