How to reduce weight with the help of Apple Diet Plan

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reduce weight help apple diet plan

Losing weight is a difficult task. People adopt a variety of things to reduce their weight such as exercise, dieting, yoga or running. But many times these things fail to reduce your weight. In such a case, the apple diet plan is an effective way to quickly reduce your weight. An apple contains high amounts of fibre and vitamin C, which helps you to keep your stomach full for a long time. Apart from this, apples also contain sodium, antioxidant and polyphenols which help to reduce fat. (Also read: How to use 500 calorie diet plan to lose weight)

Let’s know how to lose weight with the help of apple diet plan.

5 day Apple Diet Plan:

First day
You must eat about 1.5 kg of apples including your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Apple is rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fibre. With the help of these nutrients, you can reduce your body fat in sufficient time and burn calories as well.

Second day
Eat carrots, beetroot in the salad with apples in the afternoon lunch and mix olive oil in it. Olive oil contains good fat which helps control your weight and also increases your body’s metabolic rate, which escalates fat burning. (Also read: What is the perfect diet plan for a working person)

Third day
Take 1 apple, 1 multigrain bread and scrambled an egg in breakfast. Take 1 cup of low-fat yoghurt in the evening. Eat 1 apple, carrot and broccoli salad in the dinner. By following this diet plan, your stomach feel full for a longer time, so that you do not feel hungry and your weight remains under control.

Fourth day
Consume 1 apple and banana smoothie in the breakfast. Take 1 apple and vegetable soup in the lunch. After lunch, take 1 bowl of watermelon or orange juice. Take 1 cup of green tea in the evening. And also eat 1 apple, beetroot as well as celery soup in the dinner. By following all these, your body’s toxic substances will be destroyed and your weight will also be reduced.

Fifth day
Eat 1 apple and 1 boiled egg in breakfast. Eat 1 apple and vegetable soup in the lunch. After lunch, take 2 almonds. Take 1 cup green-tea and 1 digestive biscuit in the evening breakfast and eat 1 apple and baked fish in the dinner. This keeps your metabolism active and burns your calorie as well. (Also read: How to plan the perfect fruit diet plan)

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