Diet plan: What to eat on day 6th while following GM diet plan to lose weight

GM diet plan help you to reduce 7kg in one week

Diet plan: Lose weight in 7 days with GM diet plan

One of the best ways to lose weight is dieting. There is the number of dieting plans available which helps shed extra weight from the body. However, the GM diet plan is considered one of the best diet plan. This plan is seven days long and you have eaten different food on each day. If you follow this diet plan with dedication it will help you to lose around kilogram weight in a just one week. The foods which are consumed during GM diet plan are rich sources of nutrients, which are important for the body to function properly. Moreover, consumption of these foods also keeps many health-related problems at bay. (Aso read: GM Diet Plan: How To Lose Weight In Just 7 Days)

Diet plan: How to follow GM diet plan on the 6th day

  • What to eat on the 6th day
  • Meat/Cottage Cheese + Vegetables Day
  • Drink At Least 14 Glasses of Water
  • How to Successfully Complete Day 6
  1. What to eat on the 6th day
    Reduce 7kg weight with GM diet plan
    Diet plan: You need to eat boiled veggies and meat on the 7th day of GM diet plan.

    8 AM – 1 large bowl of boiled veggies and 100g of boiled or braised meat/cottage cheese + 2 glasses of water.
    10 AM – 1 bowl of veggies + 2 glasses of water.
    12 PM – 100g boiled or sauteed meat/cottage cheese + 2 glasses of water.
    2 PM – 1 large bowl of vegetable soup + 100g meat/cottage cheese + 2 glasses of water.
    4 PM – 50g meat/cottage cheese + a side of veggies + 2 glasses of water.
    6 PM – 100g meat/cottage cheese + 2 glasses of water.
    8 PM – 50g meat/cottage cheese + 1 bowl of vegetable soup + 2 glasses of water. (Also read: Diet plan for weight gain: How to gain weight in one month with the right diet plan)

  2. Why only meat/cottage cheese and vegetables
    You are allowed to eat 500g of meat or cottage along with all kinds of vegetables, but no potatoes and tomatoes. The consumption of food boosts your metabolism. It also reduces your carb cravings by putting before you only high-quality proteins and fibre-rich foods. Moreover, the GM diet shrinks your appetite drastically. For better results avoid eating large quantities of meat in one go.
  3. Drink at least 14 glasses of water
    On the 6th day, you need to increase the consumption of water as meat is purine-rich food that generates a lot of uric acids. You need to flush out these toxins by consuming enough water. Therefore, make sure you drink 14 glass of water. (Also read: What are the reasons that you should not drink water while standing)
  4. How to successfully complete day 6th of GM diet plan
    Make sure your refrigerator is filled with ingredients required for day 6th.
    Carry a box of chopped veggies either raw or boiled to keep hunger pangs at bay.
    Drink 2 glasses of water before your meals to reduce the size of your appetite.

If you want to lose weight then GM diet plan is a perfect solution for you. The GM diet plan helps you to reduce around 7 kg weight in just one week.

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