Diet plan to gain weight in seven days

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diet plan to gain weight in seven days

These days people are very concerned about their weight. Both weight gain and weight loss are a tough task. Both the process is long and need patience. People consume more calories and to exercise to gain weight while for weight loss people restrict their calories intake. Despite people work hard for both but sometimes they do not reap the desired result. If you are not gaining weight then maybe you are not eating properly. The food consumption plays an important role in weight gain. There are a lot of diet plan which helps to gain weight. There is a diet which helps you gain weight in seven days. (Also read: What is an egg diet plan and how one must follow it)

Let’s know about diet chart for weight gain:

Two boiled potatoes, two boiled eggs (or one hundred grams of cheese), salad, a tablespoon of butter or two teaspoons mustard oil or coconut oil. Along with tea or half glass juice or half glass sugar syrup.

Rice, dal, chapati, salad, two tablespoon desi ghee and a cup of juice. If you are non-vegetarian then 150 grams of a chicken chest, rice, salad and juice in lunch.

After lunch
About one and a half hours after lunch, two bananas, one glass of milk, two teaspoons of honey, one spoonful linseed, a spoonful of peanut butter, and chocolate syrup. (Also read: How does one meal in a day diet plan work)

Evening snacks
50 grams of soybean chunks, or 50 grams of mung dal or 50 grams of roasted groundnut, along with anything except tea.

Four eggs white (or one hundred grams of cheese) or hundred grams of chicken or fish, rice, lentils, vegetable, two tablespoons ghee or oil, one cup juice or instead of rice, a big bowl of pasta can also be eaten. The rest will remain the same.

Before sleeping
Before sleeping at night, you must drink a glass of hot milk.

How weight grows
Your weight increases only when you consume about 500 calories daily. (Also read: How to reduce weight with the help of Apple Diet Plan)

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