Diet Plan for immune system: Diet Plan of the second day to boost immune system

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Diet Plan of the second day to boost immune system

Diet Plan of the second day to boost immune system

Second-day diet plan for the immune system: The Immune system plays an important role in protecting the body from diseases. If your immune system is weak then, you become a victim of diseases frequently. Rather than taking medicines to fix oneself, it is better to emphasize the intake of foods containing antioxidants and minerals. To boost the immune system, you can follow the diet plan for one week so that you feel a positive change in your body. We have already established the diet plan for the day one. So, now let’s get started on the second-day plan of the immune system diet. (Also read: Diet Plan for immune system: Diet Plan of the first day to boost the immune system)

Diet Plan for immune system: What to eat on the second day to boost the immune system

  • Breakfast
  • Mid-morning snacks
  • Lunch
  • Evening snacks
  • Dinner

To boost the immune system, diet plan involves fewer calories and more anti-oxidants foods.

2 rice cakes
2 spoons of almond butter
Have a cup of green or the black tea  (Also read: Diet plan: Four-week diet plan for women to lose weight)

Mid-morning snacks
1 orange
1 cup skimmed milk

1 wheat made pita bread or
one cup of boiled vegetables
1 cup of sunflower seeds
2 chapatis or brown rice and cup of the pulse  (Also read: Teenage Diet Plan: What is an ideal diet plan for teenagers between 14 to 16 years)

Evening snacks
1 cup yoghurt
Half cup strawberry

Green salad that contains a half cup of mushroom or half cup cucumber, 5 small tomatoes and one spoonful of salad dress
2 Chapatis and a cup of vegetables (Spinach, broccoli, celery)

Things to remember
Please keep in mind that during this diet you should keep yourself hydrated. At the same time stay away from junk foods as well as packed foods.

So, follow this amazing diet on the second day of the diet plan. Click the link to read this article in Hindi as well.

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