Diet plan for beautiful skin: 5-day meal plan to get perfectly glowing skin

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diet plan for good skin

A healthy diet helps to get glowing and beautiful skin

Diet plan for beautiful skin: Whatever we eat affects our skin. Our eating habits are responsible for making our skin glowy and beautiful. However, if we do not eat a good and healthy diet, then we come across a lot of skin problems. In fact, our skin starts ageing much before we actually reach the certain age. Pimples, acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, dark circles etc. are some of the most common skin problems. If we include a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits and healthy drinks, our skin will glow naturally. Thus, we must follow a 5-day diet plan to get the beautiful and flawless skin. (Also read: Amazing diet plan to get glowing and flawless skin)

5-day diet plan to get perfectly glowing and beautiful skin

Breakfast: Start your day by eating two poached eggs on wholegrain toast or wheat bread.
Lunch: You must include grilled salmon with steamed or boiled carrots and broccoli.
Dinner: Green vegetable curry with brown rice
Snacks: You can have two apricots and a bar of dark chocolate.

Breakfast: You can have a bowl full of porridge with blueberries and strawberries in it.
Lunch: Have a bowl of tomato and lentil soup
Dinner: Eat cooked Prawns with chilli and garlic and a green salad.
Snacks: If you still feel hungry you can munch on a handful of walnuts and two plums.

Breakfast: Start your day with a fresh fruit smoothie. Make sure it has yoghurt and pumpkin seeds
Lunch: Eat Mackerel fish with a wholegrain toast
Dinner: You can have Tuna fish with green beans, tomatoes, olives.
Snacks: Eat a handful of prunes and carrots.

Breakfast: A bowl of porridge and a teaspoon of peanut butter
Lunch: Omelette including mushrooms and spinach
Dinner: Salmon fish with bok choy and black rice
Snacks: You can have two oranges and a milkshake by adding flaxseeds to it.

Breakfast: Start your day with fresh yoghurt and berries
Lunch: Eat tomatoes, butter bean soup and a whole grain toast
Dinner: Mushroom curry with wholegrain toast.
Snacks: You can have a handful of almonds and two plums. In fact, almond oil is great for skin. You can read about it in detail by clicking here.

Foods to avoid:
Besides following the above-mentioned meal plan you should avoid some of the food items which are worst for your skin. Avoid eating too much salt and processed food. They harm your skin in the worst manner. Besides this, avoid over-consumption of alcohol, as it leads to skin-ageing. (Also read: The best 6-Pack Abs diet plan)

These were few foods which are good to eat each day. One must follow the diet plan properly for 5 days and see the difference that happens to the body. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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