Amazing diet plan to get glowing and flawless skin

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Amazing diet plan to get glowing and flawless skin

We spend a lot of money in buying beauty products and waste ample of time to get the glowing skin. However, we do not realise the importance of the healthy diet which is essential to get the flawless skin. Skin is the largest organs of our body and it gets affected by the foreign particles. Thus, it is essential to take a good care of the skin. If you take an unhealthy diet it not only impacts your health but also affects your skin too. As a result, we get pimples, dark spots, wrinkles, pigmentation on our skin. In order to save our skin from all these problems, one must take a well-nourished diet. By following a good diet, you will notice a great difference in our skin. Let’s discuss what to eat and what to avoid. (Also read: The best 6-Pack Abs diet plan)

Why a balanced diet is necessary for the skin

Before knowing why a balanced diet is necessary, we must know what is a balanced diet. A diet which consists protein, good fats, essential nutrients, fibre, good carbs, vitamins and minerals in an adequate amount is considered as the balanced diet. When we consume a balanced diet, our body gets all the necessary nutrients that help the body to stay healthy and fit. It provides energy to the body, repair the damaged cells, protects the body from infections and virus and brings the natural glow on the skin. Thus, we all must consume a healthy diet.

A balanced diet plan for glowing skin

Early in the morning: A glass of water with aloe vera juice or a glass of water with lemon juice. (Also read: What is a salad diet plan and how one must follow it)

Breakfast: One white bread, a boiled egg or a cup of oat. You can drink green tea or any herbal tea, milk and oatmeal.

Mid-morning breakfast: Curd or yoghurt along with a cucumber or carrot. A glass of fruit juice or a handful of nuts.

Lunch: Green vegetables, chicken/mushroom/tofu, chapati and a glass of buttermilk, a cup of brown rice, carrots, beetroot, onion etc.

Evening snacks: A cup of green tea or vegetable juice or a bowl of salad.

Dinner: Light meal which includes vegetable curry. one bread and curd.

Before sleeping: A glass of lukewarm milk with turmeric in it. (Also read: What is an egg diet plan and how one must follow it)

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