Some of the best eating habits that help you to live longer and stronger

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Some of the best eating habits that help you to live longer and stronger

In order to bless your self with a long life, you need to take extra care of what food you eat. Eating right and making healthy choices will definitely help you to stay healthy and fit. Besides this, we need to make certain lifestyle changes as well. Doing exercise, involving in creative work, staying happy and positive are some of the ways by which one can enhance their life period. If you want to live longer and stay fit you must adopt some good eating habits and try to make necessary changes in your diet plan. They help your body to stay healthy for longer and thus should not be ignored. (Also read: How insomnia affects your body in various ways)

Some of the best eating habits that help you to live longer and stronger

Try to consume less dairy product:
People often switch to extreme dairy products in order to fulfil their requirement of calcium in the body. However, there are many sources of calcium and one can consume it from other food products as well. There are a lot of fats in the dairy product which is thus harmful to the body.

Eat 3 eggs a day:
In order to increase your lifespan, one should try to eat three eggs a day. Other than that try to include green leafy vegetables in breakfast when you consume an egg. It’s extremely beneficial for the body. (Also read: What are the wellness tips that can change you life)

Have cooked beans daily:
The beans contain 21 percent protein, 77 percent carbohydrates and little fat. The cooked beans also contain fibre and other nutrients in a healthy amount which helps to increase your life expectancy. There is indeed a wonderful food item.

Increase the water intake
To stay healthy you must drink 7 glasses of water each day. The adequate amount of water in the body helps to reduce the chance of blood clot in the body. If you drink a healthy amount of water every day you avoid various kinds of health risks and problems.

Chia Seed:
For a healthy and nutritious diet fibre is a must. Fibre helps to control the appetite and controls the blood sugar level in the body. The chia seeds contain rich amount of fibre that helps to lower down the risk of heart-related problems. You can have chia seeds in form of salad or smoothie. (Also read: Important Things You Must Do If You Sit In Front Of Computer Throughout The Day)

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