How to do Vriksasana or Tree pose

Vriksasana or the Tree pose is one of the basic poses for Yoga beginners. It does not involve many twists and turns thus it is one of the easiest and the most practised form of Yoga. As the name suggests Vrikshasana- ‘Vriksha’ means tree and ‘Asana’ stand for body posture. Likewise one has to make a standing tree pose and balance the same. This asana helps a lot in maintaining the balance of the body and improves the memory power. It also helps to improve our concentrating power. It is in a way helpful to channelize energy to the body and make a balance between mind and body.

Steps to do Vriksasana or Tree Pose

  1. Stand tall, chest high and spine straight.
  2. Now transfer your body balance on your left leg. Inhale deeply and raise your right leg up.
  3. Push your knees outside and keep the right leg on the inner thigh of your left leg.
  4. As you now try to maintain balance, inhale and put your hands up.
  5. Now hold on in this position for 30 counts.
  6. Exhale and come out of the asana step by step.
  7. Now repeat the same steps and do this asana with the other leg.

Benefits of Vriksasana or the Tree Pose
Tree pose or Vriksasana helps to build the concentration. Standing on one leg and maintaining the balance of the body helps to attain the victory over body balance issue. It also helps to strengthen the legs, thus making them strong. Besides this, it also makes back and cores strong. However, people who have knee and ankle pain should do this Yoga asana in order to get relief. It also helps to get relief from sciatica pain. Not just this it is one of the greatest stretching exercises and helps to stretch the thigh area, groin and chest. It helps to bring the mind to stability and provides calmness to the body.

Contraindications of Vriksasana or the Tree pose
If someone is suffering from insomnia and headache that person should avoid doing this pose. Besides this, if you have low blood pressure, then do not raise your hands above your head. In fact, it is always advisable to do these Yoga poses under expert’s guidance.

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