How to do Vajrasana or diamond seated pose

Vajrasana or the diamond seated pose is one of the basic yoga asanas. For people who have just started doing yoga, find this asana as one of the most relaxing and easy asanas. Though not much has to be done in order to come into this yoga pose, yet it has immense benefits. It’s actually all about sitting and relaxing. Besides this, Vajrasana is the only Yoga pose that can be done after taking meals. So, you don’t need to get up early in the morning to practice the same.

Step by step guide to do Vajrasana or the diamond seated pose:

  1. It is a seated pose.
  2. So, sit in a kneel down position and onto your thighs.
  3. You have to sit on your back, heels and your knees, legs and feet should be placed together.
  4. Make sure your back is straight.
  5. Now place your palms on the top of your thighs.
  6. Close your eyes to feel more relaxed. But make sure you are in your consciousness.
  7. Now breathe in and breathe out normally.
  8. Sit in the same posture for at least 5 minutes.

Benefits of Vajrasana or the diamond seated pose:
Vajrasana or the diamond seated pose helps to get rid of the stomach related problems. People who have digestion problem should do this asana daily, as it is one of the most easiest Yoga poses. It helps to absorb the food more quickly and in a better way. Besides this, women who face excess pain during their menstrual cycle should also do this Yoga pose in order to get instant relief from the cramps. It is extremely beneficial in order to elevate the pain from the waist line, abdomen and also from the shoulder. Along with that after a heavy work out session, sitting in this pose, really helps the body to relax and calm down.

Contraindications of Vajrasana or the diamond seated pose
People who have serious knee issue or injury should avoid doing this yoga pose.

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