How to do Trikonasana or Triangle pose

Trikonasana or the triangle pose is one of the most beneficial yoga poses if you want to maintain the balance of your body. It helps to improve your concentration, as this exercise requires regular mind and body coordination.

Achieving the body balance is one of the essential tasks, it helps us in many ways in life. However, it is one of the simplest Yoga poses for beginners. This yoga pose helps to maintain the proper body posture and tones up the to get a perfect figure.

Step by step guide to do Trikonasana or triangle pose:

  1. Stand straight with your legs open wide, just as double as the width of your shoulder.
  2. Both of your toes should be parallel
  3. Now, lift your right toe outside.
  4. Hold your pelvis upright, make a square with your upper body.
  5. Make sure that your body weight is equally divided on both the feet.
  6. Inhale spread your arms out.
  7. As you exhale slowly bend forward towards the right side going down.
  8. If you have good flexibility then put your palm down on the floor.If not just touch the ground with the finger tip.
  9. Once you find balance, turn your head towards the arm facing the ceiling.
  10. Hold the position for 2 minutes.
  11. Now come back to a normal position.
  12. Repeat the same steps with the other left leg now.
  13. Do not hold your breath, therefore, keep breathing throughout the exercise.

Benefits of Trikonasana or triangle pose :

It is extremely good for spine health. Thus, it eventually helps in attaining a good body posture. It even helps to strengthen the core and get a better and toned abdomen. PCOD and PCOS are the two common complaints of most of the women throughout the world. Practicing this yoga asana daily also help women to get relief from their problem. This asana also helps to get a better digestion. Besides the same, the most important benefit of doing Trikonasana or the triangle pose is achieving mind and body equilibrium.

Contraindications of Trikonasana or the triangle pose:
If you are suffering from a migraine, low blood pressure or any other serious injury, then avoid doing this asana. Beware if you have a high blood pressure, be cautious while raising up your hands over head. This may accelerate your blood pressure again.

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