How to do Titli asana or butterfly pose

Titli asana or the Butterfly pose is one of the easiest Yoga poses for beginners. As the name implies, this asana is about sitting in a butterfly position and flapping up the thighs. This yoga asana is extremely beneficial for people who face the hormonal changes problem. Besides this, it also helps to stretch the inner thigh, making pelvic muscles strong. Not just this, it also helps to strengthen the hamstrings by practising this pose daily for 5-10 minutes.

Step by step guide to Titli or Butterfly pose

  1. Sit in the Padma asana pose, your spine should be uplifted, chest elevated.
  2. Your shoulders should be down
  3. Your knees should be folded outwards or bent outwards.
  4. Join your feet together facing each other.
  5. Also, your toes and your heels must be in proper alignment.
  6. Gradually just hold the toes with your palm
  7. Sitting straight, start flapping your thigh.

Not everyone will be able to reach that flexibility but with time you will gain it.Soon you will see your thighs touching the ground.

Benefits of Titli asana or butterfly pose:
Titli asana or butterfly pose helps females to regulate their periods. It helps people with their hormonal issues. In fact, this pose helps to massage kidney and endocrine glands. It even helps to boost your immunity by working on the metabolism. Besides the same, this yoga pose is really helpful in regulating the function of the pancreas. One should breathe normally while performing this Yoga pose. Even this yoga asana is extremely good for pregnant ladies. It even elevates the problem of constipation, thus making the digestion system good.

Contraindications of Titli asana or Butterfly pose:
If someone is having a recent injury or some serious medical issue for a long period now, should try to avoid doing this pose. Also, it is advisable to always consult a health expert before taking up any exercise.

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