How To Do Shashankasana Or The Child Pose

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Shashankasana or the child pose is one of the most beneficial Yoga poses that help to bring a good stretch in the thigh muscles. It is wonderful pose to get rid of the back pain. Shashankasana or the Balasana as the name suggests is derived from Sanskrit words, ‘Bal’ means child and ‘Asana’ means pose. It thus refers to sitting in a resting pose that is a look alike of the fetal pose. However, people who have long hours of standing work need to practice this asana daily in order to get rid of the stress from their leg muscles. It even helps to bring a mental, physical and emotional peace and tranquillity altogether.

Step by step guide to do Shashankasana or the Child pose:

  1. You should do this Yoga asana after 5-6 hours of taking your meal.
  2. Sit down, roll your knees and make a sitting posture on knees.
  3. You must keep your thighs and spine in proper alignment.
  4. Inhale air and stretch up your body in the same posture.
  5. Now, exhale and extend your arms as far as possible.
  6. As you lay down in this position, touch your forehead onto the mat.
  7. Now relax and hold this pose for 2 minutes and breathe normally.
    People with severe knee issue can make a little variation in the Shashankasana or the child pose. Either you can fold your knees completely or if you find any discomfort in your belly area, open your knees a little wider. Now again stretching your self up, exhaling down, spreading your palm as out as possible. You must keep your shoulders down. Make sure that your chin or forehead touches the mat. And stay in this pose for 5-10 breaths.

Benefits of Shashankasana or the child pose:
This asana is extremely beneficial to give away any kind of anxiety or stress. Those who feel drowsy or sleepy during the day time should do this asana to freshen up the mood. It helps to stretch the lower back, thighs and even helps in reducing the stress from the lower abdomen. Besides this, it also helps to regulate a proper blood circulation in the body.

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