How To Do Samakonasana Or The Straight Angle Pose

Samakonasana Or The Straight Angle Pose is one of the most beneficial Yoga poses. It helps to improve the flexibility of the body and provides relief in the back pain. It helps to align all the vertebrae and strengthen the lower back. This asana also helps to release tension from the body and makes you feel more energetic throughout the day. All you need to do is follow the right steps and technique to carry out the asana in order to make it more effective.

Step by step guide to do Samakonasana Or The Straight Angle Pose

  1. Join your legs take your arms up. As you exhale move forward with a flat back and look down.
  2. As you exhale come up.
  3. Moving on to the modified form, widen your legs keeping your toes parallel and straight.
  4. Inhale up as you exhale with the flat back, looking forward, strengthening your cervical area, keeping your arms straight.
  5. Once you get straight with a flat back, try and look down and hold it.
  6. Take a deep breath, exhale and come back to the neutral position.

Benefits of Samakonasana Or The Straight Angle Pose
It helps to align the vertebrae of the body. It is one of essential yoga poses that helps to make your back strong and also helps to get rid of the back pain. Besides this, it gives very strong core and extremely well-toned legs. It even helps to calm down the mind and the body. Those who are dealing with excessive stress should definitely do this yoga asana to release the tension. Not just this, it also helps people to release the muscle tension completely. For those people who are having, excessive pain in their neck must practice this asana daily in order to get quick and immediate relief.

Contraindications of Samakonasana Or The Straight Angle Pose
Those who have an injury on their shoulder or back should avoid doing this Yoga pose. Pregnant ladies should avoid doing this pose too.

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