How To Do Matsyendrasana And Its Health Benefits

Matsyendrasan is also known as fish pose and this yoga pose has numerous health benefits. In Sanskrit, fish are known as Matsya and Indra. This asana can be done in many ways. This yoga is very beneficial for the spinal cord. For those who are starting yoga, this Yoga is little difficult for them. But once you start doing matsyendrasan, you can do it by adopting various techniques. (Also read: How To Do Dhanur Asana Or Bow Pose)

So let’s know about the method of Matsyendrasan and the health benefits of this yoga pose.

Method of Matsyandrasana:

  • To do this, first sit down and keep feet straight. Now move the right foot towards the left foot.
  • Now move the left foot towards the hips. Sit straight at it while doing it.
  • Use the hand opposite to the feet that have been folded while doing it. As you hand folded the left foot, lift the right hand and keep it on the left knee.
  • If your flexibility is good then you can catch your leg too.
  • After doing this, move your body backwards. After that breathe and leave.
  • Sit in this posture for 30 seconds while doing this asana. (Also read: How to do Paschimottan asana Or Seated Forward Bend Pose)

Benefits of Matsyendrasana

  • Matsyendrasana helps in regulating blood pressure.
  • Kidney and liver are beneficial in massaging.
  • Helps to remove the toxic substances from the liver.
  • Treating diabetes is helpful.
  • Waist helps to relieve pain and keep the spinal cord healthy.

Precautions while doing matsyindrasana:

  • To get out of Matsyendran’s posture, take a breath and come straight into your old currency.
  • This yoga should not be done during pregnancy and menstruation.
  • If there is surgery in the heart, the brain should refrain from methyendra. (Also read: How to do Titli asana or butterfly pose)

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