How to do Marchiri asana or the cat cow pose

Marchiri asana or the Cat cow bend pose is one of the highly beneficial Yoga poses. It has immense health benefits. For the beginners who are starting up with Yoga, it is one of the basic Yoga asanas for them. It one of the important asana of Ashtanga Vinyasa system. This asana involves the movement of shoulders, hips and hamstrings simultaneously. However,  the people who are suffering from the problem of digestion and constipation should practice this asana daily to resolve their stomach issues.

Steps to do Marchiri asana or the Cat cow pose:

  1. It is known as a kneeling asana.
  2. So, one on to your knees and flatten your toes.
  3. Your knees should be right underneath your pelvis.
  4. Come to your knees and flatten your toes. Your palms should be underneath your shoulders!
  5. You have to arch in and arch out your spine. So inhale as you arch back your spine.
  6. As you exhale, curving your spine, bending our neck inwards looking between your legs.
  7. Inhale as you go up and exhale as you go down.
  8. And gradually come back to normal position and relax.

Health benefits of doing Marchiri asana or the Cat cow pose:

Marchiri asana or the cat cow pose is extremely good for the spine and relieve the stress from the shoulders.
It is also helpful in activating the abdominal organs. It helps to make the body more flexible by stretching the hip bone and spine. For women who suffer from extreme cramps and pain during their menstrual cycle, should do this asana in order to get rid of the pain. It even helps to tone up the waist area and also provides energy to the entire body. The movement of the neck along with the body helps to make the neck more flexible. However, if done religiously this asana helps to remove total stress from mind and body collectively.

Contraindications of Marchiri asana or the Cat cow pose:
People who are suffering from an extreme headache, migraine, asthma and hypertension should not do this asana in order to avoid any injury.

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