How to do Janushirasana or Head to Knee Pose

Janushirasana is one of the most effective Yoga poses. Janu stands for ‘knee joints’ and Sira stands for ‘head’. This Yoga pose lays a stretch in legs and arms both. It is also known as Head to knee pose. It is one of the ancient forms of Yoga and is good if you want to take a level up in Yoga. Janusirsasana or Head-to-Knee Pose is the best exercise for reducing belly fat. It helps to get rid of constipation, seminal weakness and dyspepsia. This yoga pose reduces the pain in the legs and waist. It also gently massages the internal organs (liver), abdominal organs and spleen.

Here is the step by step guide to do Janushirasana or Head to Knee Pose:

  1. Sit straight, spine up and chest high.
  2. Stretch your one leg out and another leg in, touching the other thigh as shown in the video.
  3. The leg which is out, take that hand up.
  4. Inhale, as you exhale holding your toe with that hand.
  5. Let’s do this asana in three parts.
  6. Take your other hand up, look up and stare at your thumb.
  7. Once you find your comfort and balance, take this arm near to the ear lobes, look in front.
  8. Find comfort.
  9. Bring this hand more towards the toe and hold it.
  10. Touching the toe with both hands.
  11. Turn your head up towards the ceiling and stay in this posture for 5-10 breaths.
  12. Inhale deeply as you exhale.
  13. Come out and stay neutral.
  14. Now repeat the same posture from the other side.

Benefits of Janushirasana or the Head to Knee Pose:
Performing Janushirasana or the Head to Knee Pose daily will help the diabetes patients a lot. It regulates the sugar level and keeps them in check. It is really helpful in strengthening your core and hamstrings effectively. Besides this, it is a complete arms and legs workout. However, people who want toned abs and obliques should do this asana without any skip.

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