How To Do Bhunamanasana Or Greeting The Earth Pose Correctly

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Bhunamanasna or the Greeting The Earth Pose is one of the basic Yoga poses. ‘Bhoo’ means Earth and ‘Naman’ refers to greetings. Thus, the name itself suggests that this pose is about bending down to greet Earth. Though this is a very simple Yoga form, yet it needs the right technique to be done. Your body needs to be proper in flexibility and stretching. However, this is one of the best stretching exercises too. It helps to tone up the calves and the legs along with bringing the back and the abs in proper shape. Although it is easy to perform, one should follow the right way in order to avoid any injury. (Also read: How To Do Shashankasana Or The Child Pose)

Step by step guide to do Bhunamasana or the Greeting The Earth Pose:

  1. Open your legs wide, depending upon your flexibility and strength.
  2. Keeping your toes neutral and straight, inhale raise your arms up.
  3. Reach for your toes.
  4. Inhale and exhale as you reach your toes.
  5. Now keeping moving forward as much as your body allows. So inhale and exhale to move forward.
  6. Keep bending forward while you exhale.
  7. Make sure your chin touches the ground.
  8. You won’t be able to do this asana in one go. You will reach this much flexibility gradually.
  9. Inhale and exhale and come back to neutral position.
  10. While you come back to neutral position, in order to save your knees don’t pull back your legs immediately.
  11. So place your palms back and gently fold your one leg in and the other simultaneously.
  12. Relaxing it and then folding your legs. (Also read: How to do Janushirasana or Head to Knee Pose)

Benefits of Bhunamasana or the Greeting The Earth Pose:
Bhunamasana or the Greeting The Earth Pose is one of the most beneficial yoga poses. It helps to strengthen your hamstrings and the psoas muscles. It is extremely beneficial for runners and sports person. They need strong knees and psoas muscles, thus practising this yoga asana daily will help them achieve the same. It even helps in making the glutes and the muscles strong my emphasising the same.

Contraindications of Bhunamasana or the Greeting The Earth Pose:
Bhunamasana or the Greeting The Earth Pose is good for everyone. But people who are suffering from sciatica should avoid doing this asana in one go. Try to do this asana gradually by reaching a good flexibility level. If you try to do it on go, you will end up making your pain more severe. (Also read: How To Do Samakonasana Or The Straight Angle Pose)

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